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We’re the New Forest Tea Company made up of Ian, Kelly & Gracie (our Head of Tails & Barketing). We’ve been lucky enough to live in the New Forest for 10 years now and Gracie joined our team last year as the pawfect addition.

We love where we live and being fortunate enough to be surrounded by natural beauty means that our commitment to the environment is very close to our hearts. From the early days of planning New Forest Tea Company we were determined that our product would leave no trace and that's why we invested in the latest packaging from several innovative suppliers:
Leave no trace with the New Forest Tea Company packaging


For our food service program throughout the New Forest, we are offering a refill service for all our clients that reduces waste and we are striving to reduce the carbon footprint of food service outlets in the forest by offering them an alternative to other suppliers who will have longer transport routes.

OUR pouches & Refillable tubes

Our new tea pouches are made from home compostable Natureflex (just remove the labels) Our refillable tubes are made of recycled, vegan kraft tubing and once the outer label has been removed (we're working on more eco-friendly labels as well!) can be home composted once shredded, recycled or of course reused for more delicious tea


Much has been made in recent times regarding the prevalence of plastic particles in high street/supermarket teabags and rightly so. For many years and still today, many companies continue to use teabag linings that are harmful to the environment and do not break down naturally. We are proud that our beautiful tea pyramids are not only packed with flavour but are 100% plastic-free, Bio-degradable & compostable (international standard ISO 14855 and the European standard EN 13432) in recent tests at home we have composted the bags with great results in around 16 weeks and will continue to update with any future certifications. Each bag is made from plant based material (corn, sugar cane & abaca) and will break down naturally once disposed of.


When looking to maintain the quality and freshness of our teas we were determined to use a packaging inner that achieved both this and still left no trace. To achieve this our retail packaging inners are made from Natureflex, a groundbreaking cellulose-based packaging that breaks down naturally over a period of 3-6 months in a home composting environment


Once you have enjoyed your first experience of New Forest Tea Company Teas and want to reorder we can send you refill orders in our Natureflex inners to reduce packaging and waste at your end. All the teas can then be stored in your original canister or a suitable tea caddy
We are committed to leaving no trace and doing our bit to maintain areas of natural beauty such as the New Forest for future generations.
Happy tea drinking all!
Ian, Kelly & Gracie
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