Supporting local producers from the New Forest

Having lived in the forest over the last 10 years we are so grateful to be part of such a historical & environmentally significant area. If you have never visited the New Forest before here are some things you may not know:

Forest Facts

The New Forest isn’t in fact new! It was established by William the Conqueror in 1079 as Nova Foresta (new hunting ground)

The New Forest has the highest concentration of ancient & veteran trees in Western Europe with more than 1000 recorded

An incredible 63% of Britain’s insects, 75% of all Dragonfly species and all six UK Native reptiles are found here

There are five different species of Deer which roam freely in the forest

A third of British Wildflower species grow in the New Forest

Every autumn pigs are released into the forest to control the level of fallen acorns, this is known as pannage

Commoners in the New Forest still hold ancient rights of grazing in on the forest so you will see an array of ponies, cows, donkeys & sheep but please don’t feed them and drive carefully within the forest

With miles of walks, cycle paths, and more it's definitely worth a visit, and whilst you are here why not check out some of our amazing local producers & artisans....


Angels Farm Pottery

Angels Farm Pottery was established in 1974 by, Jo Osman. Jo trained at West Surrey College of Art and Design after spending three years teaching pottery in California. Whilst at college Jo spent six months with Gwyn Hansen in France who taught her workshop skills and gave her the attention to detail necessary for good potting.

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Angels Farm Pottery, lyndhurst

Over the years Jo has used a variety of clays and firing techniques but has settled on reduced stoneware to produce functional usable pots. Having grown up a farmers daughter at Angels Farm her decoration and shapes are reflections of a peaceful and slow way of life. Jo hopes her pots transmit a little of that peace.
Whilst Jo has exhibited her work she prefers people to come to the pottery to buy my pots. In recent years she pots less and teach more. She has taught many generations of village children to enjoy clay and its opportunity for self expression. Jo has taught adults since 1974 and have several vibrant weekly classes, people come not just for the clay but for the slow down… a chance to escape from their high speed lives.

For more information on Angels Farm & their courses, please visit them online or follow @angelsfarmpottery

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New Forest Shortbread

new forest shortbread


Created by Tracey Thew, New Forest Shortbread is a delicious treat to enjoy time & again. Located in the heart of the New Forest, Tracey and her husband (who is also a woodturner) have a delightful bed & breakfast.

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Located in the heart of the New Forest, Tracey and her husband (who is also a woodturner) have a delightful bed & breakfast where you can explore the forest whilst enjoying their warm hospitality. For more info please visit their website or follow them @newforestshortbread

Bramble and Beach

Bramble and beach

Bramble and Beach feature prints, greetings cards, calendars, and postcards of the New Forest and Dorset coast created by Photographer Claire.

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Bramble and Beach, Fordingbridge

Claire loves capturing moments in the New Forest and Dorset coast.  She's a Mum to three and a cockapoo, who always accompanies her on my outings!

Claire's inspired by the love she has for her surroundings and uses her camera with a focus on the magic in natural beauty.  "There's a picture around every corner. "

Quirkish Delights is all about sending beautifully presented, carefully selected gifts and hampers. 

Quirkish Delights

Quirkish Delights is all about sending beautifully presented, carefully selected gifts and hampers. 

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Quirkish Delights, Bramshaw

You know how lovely it is to receive a gift that's wrapped so nicely you don't really want to open it? Then when you do it's something you can see has been carefully picked out just for you? Well, that's the feeling we want to ensure every recipient you send one of our gifts to will experience and that's what we are here to do for you. Whether you are a company who want to show your staff how much you appreciate them, or an individual sending a special birthday or 'just because' present, we've got it covered.
Follow them on Instagram and Facebook: @QuirkishDelightsCo
Enclosed Eden Designs

Enclosed Eden Designs

Enclosed Eden Designs was born from their love of beautiful, high quality, luxury home fragrancing.  Fragrance that not only makes us think of something special but also lasts and fills the space around us.

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Enclosed Eden Designs

Enclosed Eden Designs have spent years identifying the materials used in the best quality designer products and have used them to make our their range so now you can enjoy the luxury of a wonderful reed diffuser or soy wax melts in your home without the designer price tag. 
Instagram @EnclosedEden
Facebook @EnclosedEdenDesigns
BeeWrap UK

BeeWrap UK

Zero waste food wraps in beautiful designs to suit your family's lifestyle

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BeeWrap UK, Dorset

Beewrap UK makes Zero waste food wraps in beautiful designs to suit your family's lifestyle. Living on the Dorset coast and seeing rubbish piling up on the beaches, in the sea and our stunning countryside made her realise there had to be another way so in January 2018 Beewrap Uk was launched. Natural, reusable, antibacterial and compostable BeeWrap UK are simply natural and great way to wrap your food over and over again without adding more rubbish to an already overflowing planet. We all need to use less plastic in our lives and BeeWrap UK is the ideal alternative to cling film, foil and plastic food bags.